7 Easy DIY Ideas for a Wedding Wall Rack

A wedding wall rack is a great way to display photos, flowers, initial letters, candles, and other details from your wedding day. You can create a beautiful, unique display for your special day with these easy DIY ideas.

1. Make a long paper scroll to display a quote that represents you and your partner’s relationship.

If you have a special quote that means something to you, consider creating a long paper scroll to hang as a decor piece at your wedding. You can even have it calligraphed to make it a one-of-a-kind statement.

2. Use a wooden arch to frame your curtains and drape florals around the opening for a beautiful romantic effect

If your venue doesn’t already have a rustic, bohemian or woodland-inspired look, add a stunning accent to the space with a simple yet aesthetically-pleasing wedding arch. This design features three pillars that can be embellished with gorgeous flower arrangements, hung with ribbon, or even used as seating dividers for the ceremony area.

3. Hang your wedding sign on a bike

Bike props are an excellent choice for any boho or rustic-themed wedding. They can be hung from a wall or attached to your handlebars with colorful ribbon for added personality and a great backdrop for your photographs.

4. Build a custom bar front for your venue

If you have an outdoor reception or a barn-style venue, building your own bar is a creative way to add a touch of glam to the space. You can easily customize your bar with a sign that matches your decor, or even buy a neon sign that will turn on and off as you dance.

5. Add a touch of light to your wedding with twinkling lights

Lighting up a room is essential to any reception, and lanterns are a popular choice for this purpose. They’re easy to install, and look great in a variety of settings. But rather than using candles, try filling your lanterns with twinkly lights for a more modern take on traditional lighting.

6. Use clothespins to display table numbers and place cards

Clothespins are a simple, versatile tool that pairs well with crafters, so if you have a few extra in your collection, consider using them to hang your wedding tables and place cards for a creative and unique touch.

7. A simple grid wall for your wedding background

When choosing a wedding backdrop, it’s always a good idea to opt for a grid wall that gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to incorporating flowers and greenery. These simple and inexpensive walls are a must-have for every DIY bride and can be dressed up with faux or real florals.

8. A round metal altar

If you want to use your venue as a focal point but don’t have a large amount of space, this classic round metal wedding altar can be the perfect solution. It’s large enough to stand out in a room and has a flat base that makes it easy to decorate with flowers, palm leaves, pampas grass or balloons.

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